Problems With Accessing Id In Gridview

Hello guys i am the new one here :)

And i have a problem in my gridView. Here is the column-code:


                'class' => 'CButtonColumn',

                'header' => __('start/stop ad'),

                'htmlOptions' => array(),

                'buttons' => array(

                    'start-pause' => array(

                        'label' => __(''),

                        'url' => 'Yii::app()->createUrl("job/startStop", array("id"=>$data["id"]))',

                        'options' => array('class' => in_array($data["id"], $this->pausedJobs) ? "start" : "pause", 'title' => __('start-pause'))



                'template' => '{start-pause}',


In the ‘url’ part $data[“id”] is setted and usable. But in the ‘options’ part $data[“id”] is NULL. Does anyone know why this is so?


oh sorry wrong category! please delete this. i will ask the question in the right one.