Problems twig GridView.widget

Hello community , I am currently studying the various changes Yii2 but I have the following problem , since I want to generate a GridView with twig the problem is I want to make my template personalized way, which I did not throw any type of error except that my template it is not visible in the view. I’m using this code.

{{ use(‘yii\grid\GridView’) }}

{{ use(‘yii/bootstrap’) }}

{{ use (‘yii\helpers\Html’) }}

{{ use (‘yii\grid\ActionColumn’) }}

{{ use (‘yii\grid\SerialColumn’) }}

{{ GridView.widget({

'dataProvider' : dataProvider,

'filterModel' : searchModel,







		'header' : 'Acciones',


		'template' : '{vista}',

		'buttons' : [





						'icon':'glyphicon glyphicon-user',







}) | raw }}

If someone happened the same error or recommendation for the custom template so would be great to be displayed . I’ve gotten as generate but as the framework of predefined not give way and the project that I am am currently using TWIG as template engine . No more do I say goodbye refencia waiting for your reply soon