Problems Migrating Website With Google Maps To Yii


I have a website running without yii, which I’m attempting to migrate to the yii framework in order to speed up further deployment. I’m having a problem migrating parts of the code, so I need some help on how to proceed…

In a yii app I want to include into a certain page (with a lot of other content) 2 divs behaving this way:

  • In div A I want google maps.

  • In div B I want a banner;

  • Zooming on div A triggers a ajax query to the server, which shall reply with xml in order to update the map;

  • Clicking on div A (on the map) triggers a ajax query to the server, which shall reply with html in order to update the content of div B (the banner);

  • Clicking on div B, depending on the link, it shall either refresh the map or run a controller of the app;

I’m kind of lost on how to integrate this with the base app. I though of making it a component so that I could call the controllers for the updates, however, I would loose “portability” of the code. Then, I though that this part could be a module, but how shall I include each div in the main page according to the design decisions of the main app? I.e. I want the divs to be independently placed on the main page.

What is the best approach to this scenario?