Problems by Installing application template yii3

I got this error to install :
$ composer create-project --prefer-dist --stability=dev yiisoft/app myyii3

  • Installing foxy/foxy (v1.1.0): Loading from cache
    Plugin installation failed (No asset manager is found), rolling back
  • Removing foxy/foxy (v1.1.0)

No asset manager is found

After tha the installation die.

Thanks very much to read this …

Try installing nodejs & yarn. It worked for me

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Hi, I’m Facing the same error also

and after read the issue, i found,

  1. Install the NPM First
  2. Remove the Vendor folder
  3. Run Composer Install once again

Hope that’s help

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What’s the “vendor folder” in second step?
NODE.js & NPM was installed before I tried install yii3

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Hello, have you run the composer install before?

if yes, then the yii3 will create a folder name vendor, and you can remove it then follow the next step

if no, then just go on with the step no 3

hope its help

Who use local server like OpenServer, start with input next commands:

  1. composer self-update
  2. composer clearcache
    After you must be sure for environment, where your’s server is run. Try for yarn and npm commands into console, if it’s work you can setup yii3 in next step =)

P.S. For OpenServer Settings->Server->Settings of PATH and select Path + userdata/config/path.txt +Win Path. And then close the console and restart the server. That’s all.