Problem with yum installation

I try to install the user-management extension.

I extract the bz2 file in my modules directory.

Now I try to start the installer in all ways it is described in the installTutorial.txt and I get this error:

Weder UserModule noch zugehörige Behavior haben einen Scope "t". 

I cannot find a method t in my directorys and I cannot find a install directory in my modules directory.

I use yum version 0.5

yum 0.5 is very, very old (more than 1 year i estimate)

please try the newer versions or the svn at

Sorry, with the t method. It was an entry in the cmenu widget from the yii-user extension.

Now I have installed the yum extension.

I try to register a new user but when I want to send the activation email the $user->email was null and therefore I get the following message:

mail() [<a href='function.mail'>function.mail</a>]: SMTP server response: 503 need RCPT (recipient).

make sure the user enters a valid email address

yes I have enter my own email address (

I debug it with xdebug and email is null.

In the profile table the email is saved correctly.

I think I find it in the controller



				$form->attributes = $_POST['RegistrationForm'];



					$user = new User();

					if ($user->register($form->username, $form->password, $form->email))



But in the $_POST[‘RegistrationForm’] is no email key it is in the $_POST[‘Profile’] and therefore $form->email is null

Nobody has an answer.

OK I go back to yii-user.

I think it is not the best idea put the email field in the profile table, because when you use the email login it is better you have it in the user table.