Problem With Yiibootstrap

Hello! I have a problem with yii boostrap

Firstly, i read a this tutorial :

Secondly i created in action of my controller :

	public function actionMedia()








view :




<div id="gallery" data-toggle="modal-gallery" data-target="#modal-gallery" data-filter="*" >

  <a href="" title="kitten" rel="gallery">

      <img src="" rel="list-gallery" />



It’s not working. if i click on image, it don’t show me slider (it go to picture href) .

Somebody can help me? :D

well, the tutorial is quiet old : 2012

and since then, YiiBooster change to Boostrap 3

So, the tutorial may not be really compliant…

Have a try with yiiboooster with Boostrstrap 2 :