problem with YiiBooster after updating Yii


I have an old Yii-application which used yii-1.1.14 and YiiBooster 1.0.7. Everything worked fine!

I updated Yii to 1.1.17 and now appears this error:

There is no CClientScript package: jquery-css

D:\Programmierung\php\xampp installationen\1.8.3-4-VC11\htdocs\phpRecDB_test\yiiboostertest\yii-\web\CClientScript.php(598)

I think the reason is maybe the updated jQuery stuff in yii-1.1.16.

I tried to update YiiBooster, the errors disappears, but the usage was also a disaster:

  • current version 4.0.1: they changed the API completely and lot of (used) features are not longer included.

  • version 3.1.1: looks liek there are bugs in the code. For example the drop down actions does not work.

Anybody know how to get the old YiiBooster 1.0.7 running in the current yii-1.1.17?