Problem with yii2 basic on production server

Runs fine on localhost when I try running it on the live server I’m getting an error that’s point to my ‘app\models\…’

pointing to the User::findOne($id)

    protected function findModel($id)


        if (($model = User::findOne($id)) !== null) {

            return $model;

        } else {

            throw new NotFoundHttpException('The requested page does not exist.');



server is running php 5.7.1

We need more information…

What is the actual error? Just saying it does not work, do not help us.

What is PHP 5.7.1? PHP goes from 5.6.x to 7.x…

Did this ever work on the live server?


Well I figured it out I had


instead of


It wasn’t throwing any error other than 500, but in php 5.4 it gave me an error that it couldn’t find app/Models/…

Good. I guess localhost was a windows machine? they don’t care about case, so app/Models/… == app/models/…