Problem With Web Service

I need to create a soap web service but i’m have a problem where do i need to create a new controller and where to place it. If i place it in the controllers folder i.e. in the protected folder i get an error saying that “you have no permission to access”.

Exactly what you are you trying to do?

If you are making new action,add it in accessRules.

Make comments @soap,& make public in model ,which variables you are accessing.

Start with reading this:

controllers you usually create in "controllers" directory, check access filter rules and file permissions…

also be aware that Yii webservice implementation is using only RPC encoding, which is rather old and not widely supported. See this

(there is some movement to change that and have document/literal encoding:

you can search forum for workarounds (for example: using WSDL generator from Zend Framework)