Problem with User-friendly URLs

I want to get in to some pages to my site using User-friendly URLs and some other pages using normal URLs, por example, User-friendly URL: y other pages using normal URL:


i found this probleam too~

if urlFormat set to path, and then index.php?r=var/foo will be failure!

Yes, I tried with the following code did not work:

public function actionAdmin()


	Yii::app()->urlManager->urlFormat = 'get';

	Yii::app()->urlManager->showScriptName = true;




help me!

How is it that your website is generating two different style of URL’s ? The only way I could see that occurring is if you hard coded a url. You should never do that. You should always use createUrl method to generate your URLS in a consistent manner.


however, i think support both the two way to parse url, is better~

BTW: yii not supply createUrl() javascript function?