Problem with translation on mobile

My site was built with Yii

On desktop: the translation from French to English works perfectly

On mobile:

1- The site first loads Homepage in French

2- then I click on English and instead of a translated Homepage, the script loads another page.

This is the site:

Anyone has a suggestion?

  1. It seems that you are storing the language variable in session, which is wrong. You need to have different url for the same page for different languages. For exammple:

You can write this on Controller.php:

public function beforeAction($action)






	elseif($action->id != 'error')


		throw new CHttpException(404,'Page not found');	


	return true;


  1. You have errors on your html code. For example, a script tag between head and body.

  2. Your site is not responsive at all.

the cookies should not be an issue in this case, what phone device and browser are you using on your phone