Problem with the issue table..

While creating tbl_issue i forgot to mention the create_time field. Later when i discovered my mistake I corrected the table schema. After that I inspected the whole issue related code generated by gii tool & made the necessary changes manually. (Inserted create_time wherever it was absent.) Does this at all hamper project in any kind?

Because now I have reached to page no. 131 where we list issues in the project tab itself (/trackstar/index.php?r=project/view&id=1) & all I get is a blank screen with no error or warning.

I checked with the projectcontroller code & made the necessary changes mentioned in the book in actionView method. Here $issueDataProvider is returning CActiveDataProvider object & loadmodel is also working. I am further attaching projectcontroller file with the post. Can anyone help in this matter?

it does not really matter as long as you added that field

& any luck finding why the blank page is getting displayed?

I have found out that whenever I click on the project id link in the project listing page that is (/trackstar/index.php?r=project) I am redirected to the blank page which is (/trackstar/index.php?r=project/view&id=1). I am unable to find out where problem lies. I am now specifically stating the code where I have made changes.

This is from projectcontroller.php

public function actionView($id)


		$issueDataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('Issue',array(

			'criteria' => array(

				'condition' => 'project_id = :projectId',

				'params' => array(

					':projectId' => $id),


			'pagination' => array(

				'pageSize' => 1,





			'issueDataProvider' => $issueDataProvider,



This is from /project/view.php

widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(

		'dataProvider' => $issueDataProvider,

		'itemView' => '/issue/_view',

	)); ?>

& this is from /issue/_view.php

[b]getAttributeLabel('name')); ?>:[/b]

	name), array('issue/view', 'id' => $data->id)); ?>


	[b]getAttributeLabel('description')); ?>:[/b]

	description); ?>


	[b]getAttributeLabel('type_id')); ?>:[/b]

	type_id); ?>


	[b]getAttributeLabel('status_id')); ?>:[/b]

	status_id); ?>


Seems like my own fault while editing the /project/view file. There was a mismatch in the opening & closing php angular brackets. Regret any inconvenience caused to viewers. Thank you very much. Closing this topic as well.