Problem With Team Svn

Hi, I am working with four people on a Yii project and I am running into problems with our repository code. 2 of us are using Macs and 3 of us are using Windows, and we all have xampp installed. We all point to the same mysql database.

The problem is when we all have the same code, everyone’s site runs fine except for mine. For some reason my Yii session is not being stored correctly. In some pages I can call Yii->app->user->name fine, but when I do it in a certain controller method it always returns as guest. I display the user name else where in the page( a menu), and it correctly displays the name.

I suspect it may be a problem with assets folder. When I submit the form that leads to the problem it creates a new assets folder. We have been all committing assets folders before we knew we weren’t supposed to.

How can I fix this problem? I’ve tried deleting the project and checking out the latest from repo, which works for the rest of the team, but not me.

Hi, that’s very strange.

The only thing i see is assure you checked out the entine project (not only /protected) and also the Yii folder.