Problem with tabs and their events

Guys, I want to put a google’s map in a tab in my application and I need to deal with some events. From Yii’s documentation we can know that if we want to use the events from jQuery Tabs we can use clientEvents property to add all the events we need… The problem is that nothing works except the click event…

If I can use the events from here, why does tabsactivate event is not working?

ps1: I am following this doc

ps2: This is my code where I want to put the event on


echo Tabs::widget([

    'clientEvents' => [

        'tabsactivate' => 'function( event, ui ) { alert("tabsactivate") }',


    'items' => [


            'label' => Yii::t('app', 'First tab1'),

            'content' => '<br /> First tab content',

            'active' => true,



            'label' => Yii::t('app', 'Map tab'),

            'content' => '<br />' . $this->render('../common/_google_maps', [

                'lat' => $model->lat,

                'lng' => $model->lng,

                'name' => $model->name,






According to the documentation of jQuery UI Tab, the name of the event is not ‘tabsactivate’ but ‘activate’.

Thank you for your answer. You’re right. But it is still not working. So I decided to read more and finally I figured out what is wrong. I made a mistake about the jQuery tabs and Bootstrap tabs… Sorry, but the code works if you read the right documentation ^^

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