Problem with table style

I’m having problems with the tables.

When the page is loaded by clicking on a link, the most of time is showing like this capture:

The code of the table is ok, and this is happening in all my tables. When I press F5, the table is shown ok.

For example:



<tr><td>No me gusta </td><td>Prueba final</td><td>Eduardo Niévares</td><td><a href="/svn/practica/index.php?r=solicitud/view&id=37">Ver</a></td></tr><tr><td>Tarea vacia</td><td>Prueba final</td><td>Unai Unai</td><td><a href="/svn/practica/index.php?r=solicitud/view&id=38">Ver</a></td></tr>


Only occurs in Chrome.

No one has an Idea?