Problem with SoapClient

Hi, I’m new in WebService and I have a project that’s need me to use it.

My problem is when calling creating a new SoapClient I got this error:


$client = new SoapClient('');



SoapClient::SoapClient() [<a href='soapclient.soapclient'>soapclient.soapclient</a>]: Unable to find the wrapper &quot;https&quot; - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?


Could anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong??

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, it was a stupid mistake from me and doesn’t have to do with SoapClient I forgot to enable the openSSL extension in PHP.INI

Not a stupid question! This was useful for me :)

(though, yes, should have known to check the PHP.INI settings)

Thank you.

add in php.ini this line: