Problem with shell

I host with bluehost and they recently did a security update that prevents me from launching the yiic script from a command line using puTTy. Anyone else have this problem? I used to be able to generate a webapp no problem but they tightened up their shell access security so I no longer have permission to do this.

Just an update on this previous post I made. I moved over to and was able to execute commands from the shell from their server, thus allowing me to run the yiic webapp scaffolding command. This may be asking a lot but maybe it might be a good idea to offer a browser based scaffolding script instead of from the shell to make it more universally compatible with all the virtual hosting servers out there. I would like to see what others think about this idea.

That’s not a problem - for me anyway - because I never scaffold on a host. :)

I do, however, migrate on my hosts.

And if you’ve got that requirement, you simply need to find a host which has shell support capable of handling yiic migrate.

You can run yiic commands from your web application, though.

I actually do this to let my installation scripts run the initial migration(s).

See this: