problem with sendContentAsFile after upgrade to 2.0.10

Hi all,

After upgrading to 2.0.10, the responses with sendContentAsFile seem broken. I get a 500 error, but only on my production server (ovh), in local development it works.

The apache log says:

FastCGI: An error happend on Fastcgi processing, fallback to CGI

Premature end of script headers: index.php

Have you noticed the same problem?


Hi torejx,

Sorry I have no "ready to follow" solution for you,

but when it woks locally but not on the server this indicates (to me)

that something on your server configuration is not correct…

A good start to investigate your problem would be to figure out all differences between your development machine and production server… For exmaple:

Maybe yor dev machine is Windows?

Your server Linux? …

Are you running the same configurations & software versions? (PHP, CGI, DB etc)


And you should check the character encoding of the files.