Problem With Rule Function

In my application i tried to use "$this->save()" command for saving the data in the database.Unfortunately it is not working.I tried to to put the "$this->save(false)"

then it is working.

But why $this->save() is not working??

In my model i am defining some other variable which not as a table attributes.But i made all those variable as ‘safe’ in my rule.Still i am not able to save the the record using $this->save.

please give me a solution for this problem…

What to show method $model->getErrors() ?

i got error for some filed that can not blank,

but i have two page, first page is shipping information, after that i am assigning all data in session and nex page is payment with different method,

after success payment , i save all data in 3 different table,

now what is your suggestion?? assign the other parameter in 1 model or use 3 model for processing?

now i process all in one model by declaring , and of course i add those variable in rule , that is why i should follow the rule on save and there is no data for them.

Hi Mazair

What I would suggest you, have separate models you rather save your shipping in persistence you could mark that entry and redirect your user to the next page and then retrieve all rest of the information and save it

thanks , i am managing with 3 model, and it’s fine