problem with relationships, problemas con relaciones,Trying to get property of non-object

Hi :) , I am showing data in a detalview of two tables that I have related, I used the crud’s gii manager and I created the model of the two tables, when I try to access the user properties by means of the relation , that is to say

 public function getUsuario()


        return $this->hasOne(Usuario::className(), ['id' => 'usuario_id']);


for this case $model->usuario->nombre

Everything is fine, I can even access all the other attributes of that table without problems, with the id that was related. But when I use another table, such as this one

public function getPlanNegocios()


        return $this->hasMany(PlanNegocio::className(), ['negocio_id' => 'id']);


I get the error when I try to access its attributes


I have respected the camelcase notation but I do not know what the error may be, maybe some relationship problem?

What about this $model->planNegocios[0]->fechainicio ?

Edit: I tried this myself (learning Yii2)

In your case, try something like this


  foreach ($model->planNegocios as $Negocio)

    echo $Negocio->fechainicio . ' ';