Problem with redirection in a page that has not finished loading

I’m having an issue with the behavior of navigation to other views from a view which is loading data through ajax calls.
I have this view with different charts that load data through an ajax call to an action that responds with the data. The rest of the view is rendered very quickly with the menus that would allow me to navigate to other views, but whenever I try to, the whole application has to wait for all of the data to be given and the charts to be rendered before actually sending me to another view, as if it was queueing all calls to different actions and resolving them one at a time.
I tested with external links (e.g. and the redirection is immediate.

My questions are: is this normal behavior? Does this happen because I’m using controller/action calls to both loading data and to manage the internal navigation? If so, is there a way to give priority to the last call made or at least to calls made generated from user input (like the click of a button or a menu)?

A little older, but may point you in the right direction:

I fail to see how this relates with my problem: I have no issue with storing and sending data during ajax calls, I just need redirections to take priority over other ajax calls that load data on the current page.