Problem with query

I have this query, that does not work :

$criteria = new CDbCriteria;

            $criteria->select='*' ;

            $criteria->condition='status=:status and sex=LOWER(:sexOpt)';

            $criteria->order='nick ASC';


            $criteria->params=array(':status'=>'1' , ':sexOpt'=>strtolower($this->sexText));

              //  echo strtolower($this->sexText);

            $results = User::model()->with('profile')->findAll($criteria);

If status=1 it means its an active user, the sexText just gives a string representation of what a proper input for the database should be ex. ‘Male’ or ‘Female’.

Now if i try



It returns all users that are registered, and have status=1, as expected.

If I try :

            $criteria->condition='status=:status and sex="male"';


It does not work, same with ’ sex=male ’ but thats expected since the database field is a STRING.

I have tryed all sorts of combinations, but i cant seem to get a match…

I am upgrading from a project where i use doctrine, and the one with Doctrine, on same database/tables and field names, it works (its also similar syntax too).

$uDB =  Doctrine_Query::create()

		    ->select('u.*, p.*')

		    ->from('User u, u.Profile p')

			->where('u.estado = 1 and = ?', $sex)

			->orderby("u.nick ASC")


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

PS: is there a way to have similar intregration on framework using Doctrine instead of Yii AR implementation? The models are quite similar (not the same) in terms of validation rules, etc. Having a more powerful and documented DB specific framework just for that purpose would save me quite a bit of time figuring out stuff. If not, what would be the best class to extend from, for a similar User::model()->exampleFunction()


class User extends CActiveRecord


  public function exampleFunction(){ return  'Hello!'; }


class User extends SomeAlternativeModelTypeOtherThanForm


  public function exampleFunction(){ return  'Hello!';  }


So i could still call Doctrine stuff, but use the same model access logic (calling it Form or ActiveRecord when it isnt, seems wierd) so i can retain same access code.

I ask this because I dont know if i can do this safely (without breaking some obscure thing I might need later):


class User extends Doctrine_Record


  public function exampleFunction(){ return  'Hello!';  }


Check the extension repository.

I think there is an extension that replaces Yii’s ORM with Doctrine

I have seen that, but, i dont beleave it replaces it, i think its just a integration helper on CLI instead of a true replacement.

Anyway, can anyone tell me what is wrong with my query?

How can I get a SQL code output of the my query so I can debug it?