Problem With Pagination

Hi All

I am having a problem with pagination. Actually I don’t want any pagination on my pages. But it is enabled by default on all the views (CgridView,ClistView etc.). I was trying to disable pagination and I found that it can be disabled by enablePagination option if it is set to false. After setting it to false the pagination is gone away but only 10 records are getting displayed. ie. the records that were on the second and third pages are not showing anywhere???

I must be missing a very obvious point here…

Kindly Help


Can you drop the code here to see how you are querying the database? Make sure when you create your CActiveDataProvider (or any provider on that case) you do not actually set ‘pagination’ at all…

Check for more information about it.

Ten is the default value:

class CPagination extends CComponent



	 * The default page size.