Problem with pagination/summary count

Hi all,

I am using the pagination/summary count in some GridView to display the retrieved records number, and it worked fine with version or below, but since I upgraded to 2.0.50 version, it shows the count wrong.

The data is displayed correctly, even when I apply some filter the data is stillvdisplaying well, but the pagination shows all the records, like if I don’t have any filter applied.

I know the error started when I updated, because if I downgrade to, the paginator/summary works fine again.

With version

With version 2.0.50
(I can’t upload more media as I am a new user. However, it’s the same as the above, but with 650.000 records instead of 7.000)

The code hasn’t been modified between versions. I am using the default Yii GridView.

Some ideas? Some bug already registered?


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