Problem with opening YIIC API 1.0.4

Hi Everybody .

                        I am very new to YII. When i start to use YII.While using the tool YIIC with my vista and wampserver based env. i cannot able to open YIIC Tool. pls help me.


can you give us more details on your procedure? What are you launching and how?

am using

WampServer Version 2.0

phpmyadmin 3.1.1

mysql server version 5.1.30

web server: apache/2.2.11(win32)PHP5.2.8

windows vista business edtition

What am trying is to create a new one as per the definitive guide for yii 1.0

while running yiic on the command line

as =>  c:wamp/www/yii/framework/yiic webapp http://localhost/yii/testdrive

i didnt get any skelton application as testdrive in framework folder.

  I dont know how to do with…pls help me

path :




What is the error when you execute the command?

you must do this way:

> cd c:\wamp\www

> php .\yii\framework\yiic.php webapp testdrive