Problem with login in ie 8


I’ve got strange problem with login from in internet explorer 8. Authentication works from localhost - i.e. localhost/mysite/site/login, but it doesn’t works from domain mysite/site/login.

In another browsers it works ok. Whats the problem? How can I fix it?




I think you’re going to have to be more specific. What exactly happens in IE8? Do you get an error?

Chrome and IE restricts auth/cookies from localhost.

Set up a virtual host, or use another browser.

I found this post. It said by design the domain name must contain two dots, or it will be regarded as invalid by the browsers. So use "" instead of "localhost" might solve the problem

It sounds like it works fine from localhost, but breaks when moved to a remote server, not the other way around, I think.


After read it for while, it seems you are right…


Since it is not on the localhost, I am not sure too about this login problem in IE8. But usually in the browser based problem, there is big probability the problem caused by cookie.

What the login problem exactly? Does the problem occurred when the user login with "remember me" signed?

All right I’ve solved it.

You are right - it isn’t YII problem, and yes - it is problem with session cookie.

I’ve had domain name with underscore ( IE has problems accepting cookies from subdomain’s that dont follow the URI RFC. (

Thanks for all raeplys.


hi everyone,

     I have same problem Jacek . I developed shopping cart application. in that I use Yii login running good in firbox and chrome but could not able to login in Internet Explorer (IE). when use IP address and folder name I can able to login but when I use domain name I cannt able to login in IE. I dont know what is the problem please help me .