Problem with jquery.inputmask / MaskedInput


I recently experienced a problem with MaskedInput widget, because of an upgrade of jquery.inputmask.

Namely, the following piece of code (form element) is working perfectly with jquery.inputmask released before 3.3.X (i.e. 3.2.7 works perfectly.)

'free_item_vat' => [

	'type' => Form::INPUT_WIDGET,

	'widgetClass'=> MaskedInput::className(),

	'options' => [

		'clientOptions' => [

        	'alias' =>  'decimal',

			'radixPoint' => ",",

        	'groupSeparator' => '',

        	'autoGroup' => false


		'class' => 'form-control '. 'ItemDivers',


	'fieldConfig' => ['addon' => ['append' => ['content'=>'%']]],


which translate into html:

<div class="form-group field-documentlinedetail-free_item_vat">

	<label class="control-label" for="documentlinedetail-free_item_vat">VAT</label>

	<div class="input-group">

		<input type="text" id="documentlinedetail-free_item_vat" class="form-control" name="DocumentLineDetail[free_item_vat]" value="21" data-plugin-inputmask="inputmask_3df3e1ff">

		<span class="input-group-addon">%</span>


	<div class="help-block"></div>


and javascript:

var inputmask_3df3e1ff = {"alias":"decimal","radixPoint":",","groupSeparator":"","autoGroup":false};


I don’t even know or understand how jquery.inputmask blocks the submission of the form.

This code no longer work with jquery.inputmask 3.3.X. (after a composer update.)

I quickly went through jquery.inputmask’s changelog but nothing obvious came up.

I noticed a careful avoidance of some version of jquery.inputmask in yii2 composer.json requirements.

"bower-asset/jquery.inputmask": "~3.2.2 | ~3.3.3",

Has anyone encountered similar issue? How to work them around? I currently required jquery.inputmask to remain at 3.2.7, but that’s not a long term solution.

How can I further inspect what jquery.inputmask is doing?

Many thanks for your suggestion.