Problem with 'image' Extension


        $image = Yii::app()->image->load($fileLoc);

        $image->resize($this->thumbnailMaxWidth, NULL);


Problem is, if you have this in a loop then it keeps trying to reload the GD/ImageMagic driver php object. I think I'll take a stab at trying to fix this, and maybe the author can re upload it?


Image.php    line123

// Load the driver


yea, that’d be it. i didn’t have time to write up anything, got all tied up working on some other code.  :o

change to require_once?

sure go for it, revision 0.2

However, the documentation states that using yii import is the better route…

Yii:import('application.extensions.image.-GD or ImageMagik');



thanx DarkNSF

karma for you, thanks mate  :D

Thanks, this saved me from a couple hours of debugging.