Problem with image and CListView

Hello everyone!

I have problem with image and CListView. For every result from database, i need to render an image, titile and description. Problem is because div tag is sometimes smaller than the image. Because of that sometimes image overlap div containter and looks catastrophic. :unsure:

For better understanding of problem here is screenshot with three examples. First is with a lot of text in description, second is with enough text and third example is with no or little text.

As you can see it looks very ugly. I tried to adjust div properties but all my attempts, div interprets very wierd.

Well… this is not a CListView problem at all… it’s all on (x)html markup and proper CSS…

$mdomba= TRUE;

;D false alarm

Seemed to me that CListView does not respond to my css changes. In the end it turned outI misspelled return array in main config:


instead of


;D ;D ;D ;D

sorry. I don’t know what is with me these last few days. And this I accidentally noticed this after digging the whole internet for solution.

What stupid mistake. ::)