problem with fixtures


I’m trying to reset the DB on every run by using fixtures.

As I understood from the guide - all I need to do is create a fixtures directory and create in there files with the name of the table name I want reset the fixture into.

Did I understood it the wrong way? what am I missing?

Environment info :

  • I set up a test DB and from my tests - it’s working (connecting and fetching data from it).

  • fixture folder is located under /protected/tests/fixtures

  • the file name of the fixture is "table_name.php" and it is returning an array.

  • I get no errors - the test are running successfully but the DB is not being reset on every run.

OK i Think I found the problem,

I used CTestCase instead of CDbTestCase. I will check if it works when i’ll get back to my work computer.

i have same problems …

still not understand why DBis not being reset every run