Problem with file structure in my installed yii2 site

i am starting to learn and use Yii2.
i have installed yii2 advanced via composer by following command in “cmd”:
composer.phar create-project yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced advanced

but there are some different in folder and file structure compare to a existing tutorial.
for example the main-local.php file there is not at common/config path. this file there is not in backend>cofig and frontend>config folders too.
is there any problem in my yii2 installation process ?

You need to init the app to see main-local.php. In cmd run yii init on project directory.

tanks for your attention and help.
these files has appeared.
but at the first i ran init file. then an message has appeared:
which environment do you want the application to be initialized in?
[0] development
[1] application
what is the difference between these ( development and application )
which of them should be select? 0 or 1
i chose 0 is it true?

so tanks dear insaneskull.
so the development mode is for team work and production mode is for individual work. is’nt it?

Not really. Development mode is for Development of application so you can see every error easily and separate the config from production.

so tanks for your helps.