Problem With External Links

Hi everyone … I am new with Yii, and right now I am stuck with a problem

Like the title say, I am having problems with the external links. All the external links I add to the application stay internal, the external link get appended to an internal url, something like this localhost/yii/demos/nsit/%3Ca%20href=%22(external link url)

I take as my application base the blog example, and I add this multilanguage tutorial seo-conform-multilingual-urls-language-selector-widget-i18n

The app urlManager:





	'<language:(es|en)>/' => 'site/index',

	'<language:(es|en)>/<action:(item|news|user|auth|actionauthassignment)>' => '/<action>',

	'<language:(es|en)>/<action:(contact|login|logout)>' => 'site/<action>',






Any suggestion to fix the problem?, I been stuck in this for days I am getting out of ideas :(

Help this noob please

Can you show us how you are generating those links?

In the item content (is a active text with markdown capability), I try everything the markdown and pure html href.

In my desperation tests I try this on home page (index.php)

<?php echo CHtml::link(‘silverlight’, ‘<a href="dinot-034/apps/cobertura’); ?>

<a href="dinot-034/apps/cobertura" target="_blank">silverlight</a>

None of them work, this is the results url



Thanks for the help :)

BTW I remove the start of the url (http stuff) because I can not post them, I am a noob :(

Ah, I see. You are using in an inappropriate way: The [font=“Courier New”]$url[/font] param shouldn’t contain any markup. Try with the raw URL instead.

Well this is embarrassing, I have two problems. The first one was a typo that Da:Sourcerer, some copy/paste problem. The real problem was my http stuff (that I omit in the posts), I was putting :: instead of :, and yeah I spend hours searching the code to find what was the problem :(

OK, so my first post is kind of dumb I admit it. Thanks Da:Sourcerer for the help, I try to answer yesterday but I am a noob and only have 3 post the first days.

Hope my future posts be more interesting that this x)