Problem with ExportMenu::widget


I have in a model a sqlDataProvider that get some rows from database.

I execute this code with some params, i get a grid with some results, but if i export i get other rows.

I can’t find the problem if the sqlDataProvider is the same why i get differents results.

$informeGeneralExportar = Informes::informegeneral($model->fechai,$model->fechaf,$model->idHotel);

$informeGeneralExportar->pagination = false;

$gridColumns = [



echo ExportMenu::widget([

	'dataProvider' => $informeGeneralExportar,

	'columns' => $gridColumns,


echo \kartik\grid\GridView::widget([

    'dataProvider' => $informeGeneralExportar,    

    'columns' => $gridColumns