Problem with EScriptBoost and CCaptcha

Hello All,

I’ve a problem with EScriptBoost and CCaptcha.

I’m designed a form using CActiveForm and added some fields and also a captcha. EScriptBoost extension I’ve also setup. Now the problem is a javascript error. The error console shows undefined “dummy”. Means there is a dummy variable without pre declaration and initialization.

I found that javascript variable in CCaptcha. CCaptcha is registering script with content "dummy". Have a look here


    * Registers the needed client scripts.


public function registerClientScript() {

    $cs = Yii::app()->clientScript;

    $id = $this->imageOptions['id'];

    $url = $this->getController()->createUrl($this->captchaAction, array(CCaptchaAction::REFRESH_GET_VAR => true));

    $js = "";

    if ($this->showRefreshButton) {


 		*  Here CCaptcha Registering 'dummy'. Why I'm not getting?


        $cs->registerScript('Yii.CCaptcha#' . $id, 'dummy');

        $label = $this->buttonLabel === null ? Yii::t('yii', 'Get a new code') : $this->buttonLabel;

        $options = $this->buttonOptions;

        if (isset($options['id']))

            $buttonID = $options['id'];


            $buttonID = $options['id'] = $id . '_button';

        if ($this->buttonType === 'button')

            $html = CHtml::button($label, $options);


            $html = CHtml::link($label, $url, $options);

        $js = "jQuery('#$id').after(" . CJSON::encode($html) . ");";

        $selector = "#$buttonID";


    if ($this->clickableImage)

        $selector = isset($selector) ? "$selector, #$id" : "#$id";

    if (!isset($selector))





            url: " . CJSON::encode($url) . ",

            dataType: 'json',

            cache: false,

            success: function(data) {

                    jQuery('#$id').attr('src', data['url']);

                    jQuery('body').data('{$this->captchaAction}.hash', [data['hash1'], data['hash2']]);



    return false;




 	* Here registering the final script with same id as above


    $cs->registerScript('Yii.CCaptcha#' . $id, $js);


Why not EScriptBoost re-assigns when found same script id.

Finally I removed the EScriptBoost extension to work.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Will anyone reply on this topic!