Problem with directory position

I want to see how this framework works and I installed it on a CentOS virtualbox.

The documentation says that the framework folder doesn’t have to be inside the html folder (for CentOS /var/www/html)

But I saw that if I don’t have it there the first webapp doesn’t work. I moved it before to /var/www and to /home/user1 and of course change the path of $yii in index.php but nothing. It stopped in require_once.

Did I miss something in the documentation or what?

I also had a problem with function date but I reported it to Bugs. Another problem was with permissions both to testdrive and framework folders but with chmod 777 and 775 and it was solved.

You probably have a restriction from which folders you are allowed to include files in PHP. This could e.g. be open_basedir in effect. You can find out with phpinfo() and by checking the webserver log files.

The open_basedir had no value.

I decided to move the ./framework to /usr/lib and add it to the include parameter in php.ini (/etc for CentOS)

It works fine if you write the full path in $yii var.