Problem with CSS in yii project


I’m developing Web app in yii framework. I’m new to this framework.

So the problem is this:

I have a project folder(for example the name of the folder is test1) and inside of this folder is yii. When I change the design of the app, modifying CSS (like boostrap.css or any other css file) it gets saved and everything works fine.

But when I copy the content of the whole project and put it in new folder (test2), the CSS is wrong, margins are not good, colors etc.

What is the problem?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)


Are you sure that ‘assets’ folder in the new copied project are writable?

Clear all assets and do wath Fabrizio told you, later trace with your browser your css resources in both projects and try to compare each other. Reply us what was about it.

P.S. Don’t worry about your English, most of us are not from english-speaking countries

Good luck bro…keep contact…

Ok, thanks for answering on my question.

I have set the permission on full-control for Everyone in Assets, in the project where CSS is good. But again, same problem. When I copy the folders and files to another location (folder), nothing happens. The CSS is incorrect.

Check with firebug what links are broken (in network pane).


I have checked with firebug, no broken links.

And css that you see in network page of firebug are updated? Or you are seeing a cache version?

I’ll investigate on css content.