problem with clob


i have a problem with clob because php appliclation crashes trying to retrieve a clob value;

I’ m trying to debug the problem but i need some help:

What’s between queryInternal and queryAll functions in CDbCommand?

because if i put an exit; before the return into queryInternal like this:

[i] if($this->_connection->enableProfiling)



                    return $result;[/i]

the application works, bu if i put the exit into queryAll before the return like this:

   [i] public function queryAll($fetchAssociative=true,$params=array())


            $obj=$this->queryInternal('fetchAll',$fetchAssociative ? PDO::FETCH_ASSOC : PDO::FETCH_NUM, $params);


            return $this->queryInternal('fetchAll',$fetchAssociative ? PDO::FETCH_ASSOC : PDO::FETCH_NUM, $params);


it crashes.So i think there is some function/s called between the two because queryInternal return an array of array ,no "strange" objects so it has no reason to crash.

Can anyone help me?



You should not modify the sources files. Specially not adding exit calls inside. What are you trying to do?

I know i should not… but i’m trying to solve the clob issue…so the only thing i can do is to debug what happens…

You solve your problem?