Problem with clientside validation on radiobuttonlist

Following this archived topic CActiveForm->radioButtonList() not working as intended with Client Side Validation
i face a similar problem.
Client side validation doesn’t seem to work either on my case

            <div class="radio">
                <?php $fname = 'basic_settings';
                    echo $form->radioButtonList($model, $fname, ['0' => 'NO', '1' => 'YES'], [
                        'template' => '<div class="radios"><span class="icon">{input}</span>{label}</div>', 'seperator' => '', 'container' => '',
            <?= CHtml::decode($form->error($model, $fname)) ?>

I notice as intended that a hidden field ytModel_name_basic_settings has been created, but on the generated jquery along wity yii active form, the field validated is Model_name_basic_settings which doesn’t exist (notice the absence of the prefix yt on the jquery validation)