Problem With CJuiDatePicker

Hi All

I am using CJuiDatePicker for showing Calender and its working great .Now I want it to allow user to allow selection for the range of 1 month.(For ex: if today is 5th Jan then the user should be able to select the dates from 5th Dec to 5TH jan).

I was searching for it from quite a while but no luck…

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated …


Have you tried to check the jQuery UI - Datepicked documentation?

Here is the link to the min-max date range example -

These options you can pass to the options attribute of CJuiDatePicker -

There is a maxDate option in the jQuery UI - Datepicker which should be your solution ;).

$("#your-dateicker-id").datepicker({maxDate: '+1M'});

Edit: mdomba was faster…