Problem with CGridView + "check-all-boxes"


I have:

  1. A CGridView with id: ‘tabla-seleccion’

  2. A checkbox column in the CGridView

  3. A delegate event associated with the checkbox elements of the table


        jQuery('#tabla-seleccion table').delegate(':checkbox','change', function(){



The event handler works ok when I click on the checkbox of any row inside the body of the table. But when I click on the "check-all-boxes" box (the checkbox inside the thead) then it executes the function ShowHidePlots() before the rest of checkboxes are refreshed.

How can I make ShowHidePlots() to execute after all checkboxes in CGridView have updated its "checked" atribute?


(Yii version: yii-1.1.10.r3566)

Is there anyone that could help me with this problem, please?


Search the forum for CGridView and Checkbox …