Problem with CCheckboxColumn

Hey guys,

I’m new to Yii and got a little problem regarding the new ‘checked’ property of CCheckboxcolumn.

I use a CGridView widget and want the checkboxes in the columns where the value of data->id is in an array to be preselected.

So I tried this:

array( 'class'=>'CCheckBoxColumn', 'id'=>'selected_subscribers', 'checked'=>in_array($data->id, $checked_keys).""),

Even though some of the id’s are definetly in the $checked_keys array, all checkboxes are unchecked.

Can you help me?



i am having this problem as well. did you solve this?

You are almost there. You need to create a string from the entire expression so that CCheckBoxColumn can eval the expression.

The expression:

$checkedExpression = 'in_array($data->id,array('.implode(',', $checked_keys).'))';

Then you can add your column:

array( 'class'=>'CCheckBoxColumn', 'id'=>'selected_subscribers', 'checked'=>$checkedExpression),