Problem With Cascadedropdown

i am following this tutorial to create 2 dropdownlist depended on a master dropdownlist selected value

first, i want to select the cycle from the cycle list, and based on this value, the list of classes and subjects/periods must appear

this is my code:

in _form.php:


	echo CHtml::dropDownList('CycleID','', CHtml::listData(Usersectionsecurity::model()->findAll(), 'Group_Code', 'E_Group_Desc'),


			'prompt'=>'Select Cycle',


	echo CHtml::dropDownList('stclass', '', array());

	echo $form->dropDownList($model,'periodID', array());


	ECascadeDropDown::master('CycleID','Usersectionsecurity/getClassByCycle') //'controllerId/actionId'

			  ->setDependent('stclass') //master for id_article with default options

			  ->setDependent('periodID', //with custom labels

							  array('dependentStartingLabel'=>'Select Classes','dependentLoadingLabel'=>'Loading articles...'));



in my controller:

	public function actionGetClassByCycle()




		$type = Yii::app()->user->getType();

		$userID = Yii::app()->user->getID();


		if($type == 'Teacher'){

			$model = Stclass::model()->GetClassOfUser($userID, ECascadeDropDown::submittedKeyValue());


			$model=Usersectionsecurity::model()->findAll('Group_Code=\'' . ECascadeDropDown::submittedKeyValue() . '\''); 





		$data = array(

			'CycleID' => CHtml::listData($model,'Class_Code', 'E_Class_Desc')




			'stclass' => CHtml::listData($models,'Subject_Code', 'E_Subject_Name')




		$masterId = ECascadeDropDown::submittedMasterId();  //master dropdownlist id_type or id_company

		$masterKey = ECascadeDropDown::submittedKeyValue(); //the current key of the master

		//$dependentId = ECascadeDropDown::submittedDependentId(); //if you need the dependent id


			ECascadeDropDown::renderArrayData($data[$masterId][$masterKey]); //with Yii::app()->end()




i made a var_dump($data), i get values but they not appears in the appropriate dr

array(2) {


  array(3) {


    string(7) "Grade 4"


    string(7) "Grade 5"


    string(7) "Grade 6"



  array(10) {


    string(28) "French as a Foreign Language"


    string(4) "Math"


    string(9) "Geography"


    string(7) "History"


    string(16) "Cultural Studies"


    string(6) "Civics"


    string(18) "Physical Education"


    string(3) "Art"


    string(5) "Drama"


    string(5) "Music"




where is my error. please help me

is there any help in this extension