Problem With Cadvancedarbehavior And Many_Many Crud

hello everybody,

I know that the “MANY_MANY relationship CRUD creation” topic has been discussed a lot. I’ve read lots of answers and help about this, that was really usefull.

I’ve installed CAdvancedArBehavior and it works in a simple MANY_MANY relatioship i have:


But i have complex relationship in my database which is driving me crazy.

My model :


Im trying to write a CRUD form for all the data, i mean, with only one form i will update all the tables. As i’ve said for the first case is already working, but i dont know

which steps i have to follow to make CAdvancedArBehavior work with the second. I’ve created all the models with Gii.

Thanks in advance, any help will be really apreciated.