Problem with bower-asset source path

Hi folks,

I have a newly downloaded widget that has in it’s AssetBundle the following source path: -

public $sourcePath = '@bower/slick-carousel';

The problem with this is that assets it is looking got is actually in @bower/bower-asset/slick-carousel.

So should the bower assets be in the root of vendor/bower or in vendor/bower/bower-asset? Is there a standard for this?


I had also everything twice under:



I did:

composer global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:~1.1.1"

And then it will install/update everything under vendor/bower (root-path).

Also all "older" projects only have vendor/bower …

So I removed the folder vendor/bower/bower-asset

And everything is still running fine on my projects.

So I guess - vendor/bower/bower-asset is wrong.


That’s it sorted now. Thanks!