problem with apc extension

when I tried to find APC expansion, I was confronted with considerable difficulties, which do not understand what had been substantiated. for example, the “home page” of this expansion there is only source (as I understood), a dll, it is necessary to install is not there. could someone have a great deal of pleasure to download the source code, compile it, correct yet, but I think the majority is only dll file. Here http://docs.moodle.o…APC_in_Windows, I found a reference to the dll, the official site php http://pecl4win.php…php/php_apc.dll do not know, may have this reference and working, but now it inoperable, you can easily verify (as I understood from your search, it no longer works). and perhaps I could try searching for the appropriate dll file, but has questionable. cc and. cn domains where I do not wish anything to rock. can someone put here for a trusted resource. It is clear that this is only a problem of php, just such misunderstandings, I have met a dozen, and most likely the people they once were silent resolve, not wishing to cover the Public.

sorry for english - it`s google translator

Check this:

The latest PHP doesn't have prebuilt PECL binaries. So you have to choose an older one (e.g. PHP 5.2.6).