Problem with activeLabelEx() and getAttributeLabel()


i have a problem using getAttributeLabel().

when i set us attributeLabels with "Umlauts" like: ö ä ü ß i get weird signs, so i encoded it like &uuml… etc.


	public function attributeLabels()


		return array(

			'str'=>'Straße', // Straße



now when i use activeLabelEx() it prints "Straße" like it should be,

but when i user getAttributeLabel() it prints "Straße"

how can i make it work both ways

Did you set your page encoding correctly? Also, make sure your class file is saved in proper encoding (should be the same as the page encoding you are using, e.g., UTF8). You don't have to HTML-encode these labels.

i did set my page encoding to utf-8. how can i set the class file to utf-8?


you have to save class file in UTF-8. I.e. Notepad++ save file to UTF-8.

it worked…

thank you both!!!

im so glad this forum exsits!