problem with absoluteAuthTimeout

My goal is to allow user autologin, but force every user to do at least a login every ‘tot’ time.

I’m experimenting with a value of 30000 seconds, just to try

In the LoginForm.php I set the cookie duration



			$duration = $this->rememberMe ? 60*60*24*30 : 0; // 30 days


			return true;


I setup this in main.php config file


			'absoluteAuthTimeout'	=> 30000, 	// one login required every tot seconds 

			// enable cookie-based authentication

			'allowAutoLogin'		=> true,


User login with ‘remember me’ checked, see the index page, then click a link, any link, and will be redirected to login page. Why?

If I remove absoluteAuthTimeout every thing works (but user will remain logged for 30 days)!