Problem to send HTML tags in textArea

Hello friends,

Have a textArea created with CActiveForm widget:

$oContentForm = $this->beginWidget('CActiveForm');

echo $oContentForm ->textArea($oModel, 'attributeName', array('rows'=>20,'cols'=>125,'id'=>'ContentID'));


If in this textArea write HTML tags (<b>Bold Text</b>) and press Submit button, this tags HTML is not sending by post method.

Any idea friends?



What happens when your send (Normal Text) ?

Are you sure that data are not sent? Try print_r($_POST).

Maybe data are sent but not collected, it can be a typo or the attribute is not safe (has no validators).

Thanks to respond.

Always when send text without HTML tags, not i have problems, but when add the HTML tags, send all text correctly but not the HTML tags.

Yes, i sure that the data are not sent, i debug the code with ZendStudio program and immediately after of do submit, the HTML tags are filters and deleted.

This attribute is safe because is a required field.

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Help me please ::)


print the $_POST how it comes, before you save to db, with or without html and let us know