Problem to "mix" 2 model

I have 2 model with they're rule and they're validator and i don't want to change them.

I have a particular case where i have to put togheter this 2 models form and in this particular case i want to override the validator of this 2 models removing some required fields.

How can I do this? If I explained in a wrong way my scenario please give me some feedback :)

Maybe the best way is to create a view of this 2 tables, insert only the fields of them that i want to use and create a model and a crud of that view.

Any advices?

Does this help? http://www.yiiframew…oc/cookbook/19/

Like a said the real problem is that i want to use only some fields of this two models couse this is a special case.

So other (required) fields that I don't use wont let me pass over the validate().

I don't want to override the validate method of this two model for a "spacial" case of use.

Like I asked in the other topic: yii doesn't support Database View to create a model?

May be you need to use scenarios…