Problem To Access View Or Controller


 When we create a crud or model from table named product_detail, then gii create a model named as ProductDetail and controller named as ProductDetailController and view named as productDetail.

Now the problem is that when we try to access a create action in url by type localhost/projectname/productdetail/create then page not found error is displayed on linux but in window its work fine

We also set caseSensitive false in config/main.php file under urlManager

So but is the problem.


Hi Bal, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately setting ‘caseSensitive’ to false is not a very good choice according to the reference.

It looks more cumbersome than convenient. :(

Thanks Softark

So if i want to use ‘caseSensitive’ to false then model name and crud name will not be camelcase.

Am i right?

I’m not quite sure, because I have never used that configuration. But the reference reads that you must use lower-case names for controllers and actions.


Thank you